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Down By the Bay.

King of the Sea - Nathan Bay, Daryl Banner

I have a thing for mermen and, ooo, this book has a hottie named Ross. My review is going to be one big shameless spot for sexy mermen and one pic of Ariel because, squeeee, The Little Mermaid!!


Carlos is going home to break up with his selfish boyfriend, Tyson, because he made him move away from his familymerman 7 and friends and isolated him from new people, and he’s one cold fish of a doc bf. Carlos is recovering from testicular cancer and while it’s gone he has lingering effects. He’s totally hung up only having one ball, it hurts for him to come and then his boyfriend’s so unloving and Carlos is sad. Oh gawd, I felt so bad for him. :( 

On his way home he stops by the water and when he dips his hand in it touches him back. Like, it really reaches out and touches him. Then there are dark eyes. Carlos kind of freaks and drops his phone and stumbles in, next thing he wakes up in the hunky arms of a muscular merman, Ross, and there’s some talking, but whatever, let’s get to the good stuff. There’s some ^waggle waggle^  merman on human hand job action, Ohemgee,  Poseidon does exist! Things are insta hot between Carlos and Ross but, big bummer,  Carlos has to go break up with his douchey bf. Me to Carlos: Noooo, who cares about Dr. Douchebag? No one. For the love of sexy men stay with the hunky merman! 
~an argument happens.
~Carlos finds out something shocking, more shocking than the fact that Tyson is a diabolical wanken-franker.
~Oxy isn’t the only reason you black out and see mer and pregnant men.
~Mer have hairless, buff chests that you want to lick, mebe that last part is all me, heh. 
~the twinkyish Burke, you have to read it,  is really a true baby daddy. He also talks too much to Carlos, who should have been doing a bit more.
~the size or lack of size doesn’t mean bad sex unless you’re a size queen, then you have a problem. I kinda made this shit up but small maybe not so functioning cocks? are mentioned. I don’t care because, hellooo baby, fingers and a mouth work. One ball comes up a lot too and one ball loving is really sweet.
~leather bears in a dive bar who have you in a sling aren’t usually this understanding when you wanna take your gorgeous red jock encased cock and ball and vamoose because of inner voices. On 2nd thoughts mebe the bear was a bit worried about the voices. 
Red jockstrap
~other stuff happens that I can’t talk about because my lips are sealed.
~Nathan Bay loves the Bay Area and marine life and ecology, IDK this but I think this because of the story, which is most cool.
Taking a BIG breath because I got a bit OCD speedy ~
Merman 8

Naww. This book is a cutie pattooie with a big ole smooshy heart. Ross was swoony and Carlos was a sweetie naive guy. I wanted to hug them and love them and become a third.  For lovers of gay mermen who come out of the sea to heal us and love us, they’re real, read King of the Sea, it’s shortish and fun and adorbs.

He loves me. He loves me not~
gif ariel