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Why Love Matters - Jay Northcote

Awww. This book. So fun. Don't we all need to go to a hippie commune to overcome our fear of touch and fuck our assitant? Mebe that's my dream. Huh. No matter, we should give it a try at least once in our life. Alistair got to do that with Martin, his assistant, so Alistair could handle the Italian meeting for his daddy's company~ the Italians are huggers, and those kisses on the cheeks, lovely but scary if you aren't cool with the personal space bubble being assailed.  


Oh and so good, these guys aren't that butch type, thank you JHC!, they're ordinary guys doing ordinary things with some spice, you have to have spice so it isn't boring, and that meant I was ensnared.


To be real, I know how hard it is to let people into your space, give me room FFS, give me room, so I glommed on to Alistair's character and cheered Martin's, that smart cookie, and i was clapping with all parts of me when they explored closeness together. Personal winning!  


Cute, Hot, Sweet. Realz Feelz.