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Dead Camp 1 sucks in the best way.

Dead Camp 1 - Sean Kerr

I finished this in October, I'm a lazy SOB, so I'm writing this by memory. Bare with me. Oh boy, this has it all. Vampires, a fab ghost, demons, a fab angel, Queen Victoria, opium dens, WW2, Nazi Germany, this version of Hitler, a beautiful castle, humour, it's a bit cheeky sometimes, and love. Not simple love, pssh, that would be too boring. Yay :)  Oh my god~ Phew!


"Just saying, me being a vampire and all, just thought..."

"That you might fancy a quick suck?" He said it with such deadpan seriousness that for a moment I didn't know if he was serious or not. 


Epic story. Recommend. Recommend. Recommend.