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Someone hold me & hand me the whole tissue box.

Weight of the World - Devon McCormack, Riley Hart

I need a hug and Kleenex. This lady's makeup is running down his soggy face.


Zack, Tommy and Rob. And Bill. Bill isn't in this book. He wasn't ever a character, except he had a lot of character. He was my friend. I'll always remember their names, the characters in Weight of the World and my friend Bill.


How come?


Bill committed suicide, I saw him the day before he died. I saw him the day he died. He seemed fine. He even seemed happy. He didn't mean to hurt us because that wasn't who Bill was. I'm sure of it. But you aren't ever sure about your feelings after someone commits suicide and so I understand why Zack and Tommy were scared and feeling guilt. It's natural. Is the sex natural? Yeah. It can make you feel alive when other things hurt too much. 


This book hurt but helped. I cried. I laughed. I told Zack and Tommy that they needed to be together and make it. That's what Rob would have wanted.